Below you will find a SAMPLE of the items we offer at our Great Lakes locations:


We offer individual chocolates, bagged chocolates and boxed chocolates. The perfect gift for holidays.

A variety of tasty treats to accompany your Great Lakes coffee or tea.

Each day a house roast, dark roast and decaf coffee are offered. Want to try something new? Try an iced coffee!

All of our coffee is made with beans roasted BY Great Lakes ... so you know it's as fresh as possible. Find out more about our coffee on the our coffee page.

It's difficult to say WHICH drink is most popular at Great Lakes, but with options like Caramel Latte, White Chocolate Mocha, Caramel Mocha and seasonal flavors like Pumpkin Pie Latte, you're sure to find a new favorite EVERY DAY!

And we aren't just serving up HOT drinks! We're adding more frozen drinks to our menu and they are quickly becoming favorites as well! Try a new Frozen Lemonade or choose from a variety of delicious smoothie flavors like Black Cherry and Mango.

Check out our home page for announcements of seasonal drinks.

Linked with health benefits such as cancer prevention, heart, oral, bone and gastrointestinal health, everybody is drinking it (and if you're not, you SHOULD!). Great Lakes offers a wide variety of organic and decaf flavors.

Want the great taste of Great Lakes coffee at home? We offer bags to go in various flavors and roasts. Don't forget the decaf for your nighttime fix! Our bags also make great gifts for the holidays.

Find out more about our coffee on the our coffee page.

You can purchase them in any amount & use them at any Great Lakes location, so of course they make the perfect gift for any occasion. (We call them "gift" cards, but we won't tell if you buy them for yourself!)


Visit any of our locations to see our full menu!